1. What is BigyapanHouse?

Answer: BigyapanHouse is an online advertising website where business companies, dealers, retailers and manufacturers can post their advertisements on the internet.


2. Can the general public place ads on your website?

Answer: No, not at the moment. Right now, only business companies, dealers, retailers and manufacturers can place ads on BigyapanHouse. We will try to accept ads from the general public in the near future.


3. Do I have to pay for the ads?

Answer:  BigyapanHouse is currently running a limited time INTRODUCTORY OFFER which will let you advertise your products or services for FREE. After the promotion ends, you will have to pay for the advertisements. To know more about the costs of advertising on BigyapanHouse, please call us at 4414739/4005043/44 or send us an email at info@bigyapanhouse.com     


4. How do I post my ad?

Answer: First of all, you have to go to the Register section of our website to fill out the User Registration form. After you have filled out all the necessary information, you then have to click the Login icon to sign in. Then you have to select a category to make sure which section of the website you want your ad to appear in (example: H1, H2, H3). After that, you have to upload your ad and finally click the Submit icon to post your advertisement.


5. Do we just upload the picture of our ad and you will add the detailed information about the ad?

Answer: No, we do not add any information on what you upload. Whatever you upload will appear exactly the same on the website.


6. How many days is my ad active?

Answer: It will remain active for the pre-determined period that is mentioned on your contract. However, unless otherwise specified, the ads in HOME page will be active for one week and then move to the CATEGORY page.


7. How do I delete my classified ad?

Answer: You’ll have to inform us by email requesting for the removal at least 1 week prior to the date of removal.


8. How many ads can I post?

Answer: You can post one ad per contract but the designs can be changed and updated as your wish.


9. How do I update or edit my ad?

Answer: You can sign into our website and re-upload your updated or edited advertisement design.


10. How can my ad appear on the front screen of your website?

Answer: You get to choose the location of where you want your ad to appear in. After you sign into our website, you are given options of the locations. However, charges may vary as per the location chosen.


11. What is the benefit of using the BigyapanHouse website?

Answer: Advertisers can benefit since their ads can reach a big number of online users. Online users can also benefit as they can easily search a wide range of products and services, category wise. Consumers can quickly find what they are looking for by using BigyapanHouse.

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